Trash Operator

Green For Life (GFL)

(Formerly Waste Corporation of Texas, LP)
8515 Highway 6 South, Houston, Texas 77083
(281) 368-8397
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Service Collection Schedule

  • Service Days (Trash) – Monday and Thursday
  • Service Days (Heavy Trash) – Monday and Thursday
  • Service Days (Recycle) – Thursday
  • Service Hours – No earlier than 7:00 am and no later than 6:00 pm

Holiday Trash Pickup Schedule

  • New Year’s Day – No Pickup
  • Thanksgiving – No Pickup
  • Christmas – No Pickup

Service that falls on the above holidays will be completed on the following scheduled service day, and in the event that the holiday falls on a regularly closed business day (Saturday or Sunday), service for that week will continue as normal.

All other holidays that occur on a scheduled service day will have normal trash pickup.

Residential Waste Collection Guidelines

Please remember, when setting out your garbage, carts are to be placed so that the handles and wheels are facing resident’s home.

On each service day, the carts should be placed and returned at the curb and placed 4ft apart for easy access.

When filling up your trash carts, always place trash in a bag before depositing into your trash cart. This method will reduce the chance of trash flying out of the cart and onto the ground during the collection days, especially on windy days.

Unaccepted Items
  • Wood
  • Masonry debris
  • Roofing material
  • Lawn mowers
  • Sheetrock or drywall
  • Paneling
  • Windows
  • Steel/cast iron building materials
  • Insulation
  • Dirt in large quantity
  • Stone
  • Carpet
  • Nails
  • Tree trunks
  • Water softeners
  • Tile
  • Tires
  • Concrete
  • Doors
Accepted Heavy Trash Items
  • Household Appliances (Refrigerators must have Freon drained and be tagged accordingly by certified technician.)
  • Hot Water Heaters must be drained/
  • Furniture
  • Grills must be emptied of ash or briquettes.
  • No propane tanks.

Please do not park vehicles in the streets of cul-de-sacs on service days.

Yard Waste Guidelines

Brush and tree trimmings, cut in lengths not to exceed 3 feet, no greater than 3 inches in diameter, securely tied in bundles, not to exceed 40-lbs, will be picked-up from the curb.

Recycling Collection Guidelines

Recycling Guidelines