Important Water Maintenance Update for Cinco MUD No. 5 Residents: Scheduled Cleaning of Water Mains

Dear Residents of Cinco Municipal Utility District No.5,

We are writing to inform you that your water services will be interrupted in the next few due to essential maintenance work on the water mains in your neighborhood. The work involves cleaning the water mains to remove scale and mineral deposits that accumulate over time and can cause reddish-looking water. While the discoloration is harmless and caused by natural mineral oxides, it is important to maintain clean water mains for the quality of your water supply.

How Does It Work?

We will be using a method called “Air Scouring” to clean the mains. This method is efficient and causes minimal disruption. Here’s how it works:

  1. Isolation: We close the valves at either end of a section of the main.
  2. Air Supply: An air supply hose is attached to a fire hydrant at one end of the closed-off section.
  3. Agitation: Clean, high-volume air is pumped into the hydrant, agitating the water and loosening mineral scale.
  4. Scouring: The loosened material acts as a scouring agent, further cleaning the pipe.
  5. Flushing: We open the water supply valve slightly to maintain the process. The open hydrant will eventually release clear water, indicating the cleaning is complete.

Your Role:

We understand that water service is crucial, and we apologize for any inconvenience. Your cooperation is essential to ensure the job is completed efficiently:

  1. Meter Turn-Off: We will turn off every meter during this process to prevent debris from entering your house line.
  2. Flushing Your Line: After the work, please open an outside faucet to flush any residue from your house plumbing. This should only take a few minutes.
    • Do not open inside sink faucets to avoid clogging sink aerators.
    • Avoid opening hot water faucets to prevent debris from entering your water heater.

Appearance of Water:

In some instances, the water may appear “milky” due to air in the water. This condition is temporary and should clear quickly.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this maintenance work. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your assistance and patience.